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Flooded basement in Manville NJ after Hurricane Irene

New Jersey’s Lost Valley tells the story of government home buyouts

ROBERT BENINCASA / NPR - There's a neighborhood in New Jersey that was once part of a booming manufacturing town. But now its name seems prophetic – Lost Valley [go to article]
new jersey environment news, air pollution

New Jersey scores clean-air victory in pollution battle versus Trump administration

SCOTT FALLON / NORTHJERSEY.COM - States whose air pollution blows into New Jersey and contributes to high smog levels will not be able to delay making cuts [go to article]
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FERC reviews its policies for approving natural-gas pipelines

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The federal government is opening a review on whether its policies governing approval of interstate natural-gas pipelines should be revamped [go to article]
Salem Nuclear Power Plant

Will Trump administration give PSEG – and other utilities – nuclear subsidies?

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The Trump administration is proposing to bolster the fortunes of coal and nuclear power plants [go to article]
Pruitt, EPA

How Pruitt’s EPA is delaying, weakening and repealing air pollution rules

MARIANNE LAVELLE / INSIDECLIMATE NEWS - It is a seemingly pro-environment promise in an administration with almost none of them [go to article]
Oyster Creek nuclear plant new jersey

Opponents of bill urge governor to veto or revise nuclear subsidy measure

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - In a last-ditch effort, a diverse group of business, labor, consumer advocates, policy wonks, and environmentalists are calling [go to article]
pumping gas in car at gas station

Trump administration less concerned about conserving oil

ELLEN KNICKMEYER / AP - Conserving oil is no longer an economic imperative for the U.S., the Trump administration declares in a major new policy statement [go to article]

Ban on disposal of fracking waste in NJ nears but some enviros have qualms

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - State lawmakers are moving once again to ban the dumping of fracking waste in New Jersey. But, not so fast, say [go to article]
new jersey factory

Murphy pulls NJ out of suit attacking Obama-era climate change plan, reversing Christie

JAMES M. O'NEILL / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Gov. Phil Murphy moved Tuesday to pull New Jersey out of a multi-state lawsuit designed to block the federal Clean Power Plan [go to article]
Murphy at Princeton Andlinger Center

N.J. environmentalists say Murphy’s energy plan comes up short

MEIR RINDE / WNYC - When Phil Murphy was running for governor in 2017, he campaigned as an environmental progressive who would take the threat [go to article/audio]

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