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We made plastic. We depend on it. Now we’re drowning in it.

LAURA PARKER / NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - If plastic had been invented when the Pilgrims sailed from Plymouth, England, to North America—and the Mayflower had been stocked [go to article]
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Advocates say PFAS bills would tighten federal control over chemicals

JON HURDLE / STATEIMPACT - Clean water advocates in Pennsylvania are welcoming proposed new federal legislation to curb the presence of toxic PFAS chemicals in drinking [go to article]
Firefighting foam, Freehold NJ

The EPA drafted a safety recommendation for cleaning firefighting chemicals from water. The military...

KYLE BAGENSTOSE / BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES - A new U.S. Department of Defense policy appears to disregard safety recommendations drafted [go to article]

EPA to ease emission restrictions on coal-fired power plants

MATTHEW DALY / AP / NEW JERSEY HERALD - The Trump administration is moving to roll back the centerpiece of President Barack [go to article]
Superfund sign

60% of toxic Superfund sites threatened by climate change, GAO finds

PHIL MCKENNA / INSIDECLIMATE NEWS - Sixty percent of the nation's heavily polluted Superfund sites — nearly 950 of them — are at risk [go to article]

Northeast states may ‘cap and trade’ transport emissions

ANGIE SCHMITT / STREETSBLOG.ORG - The northeast of the United States is starting to get serious about addressing the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions [go to article]
George Washington Bridge, Hudson River

Hudson river shows signs of rebound after decades as New York’s sewer

OLIVER MILMAN / THE GUARDIAN - New York’s Hudson river, once known as America’s Rhine in a nod to the famous European waterway, played a pivotal role [go to article]
Tractor trailer

N.J. is still struggling with lung-burning smog, many counties given ‘F’ grade

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - The Garden State’s smog problem rages on. According to the American Lung Association’s 2019 “State of the Air” report [go to article]
plastic waste pile

You’re recycling all wrong and it’s costing NJ big bucks from China

DAVID MATTHAU / NJ 101.5 - Recycling is the law in New Jersey but there’s a problem you might not be aware of [go to article]

NJ attorney general ramps up efforts to hold polluters accountable

JOANNA GAGIS / NJTV NEWS - The state’s dropping the hammer on ExxonMobil, at least that’s how Attorney General Gurbir Grewal characterized the six-count suit [go to article]

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