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new jersey environment, pollution, epa, superfund

New Jersey said 10 years ago it would rank its most contaminated sites. It...

TALIA BUFORD / PROPUBLICA.ORG - For decades, New Jersey’s chemical plants, textile mills and metal factories helped power America [go to article]
water drop

This chemical has been polluting N.J. for decades. Now, 5 companies have to pay...

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - Five chemical companies polluted New Jersey’s water for years with a long-lasting, cancer-causing family of chemicals [go to article]
new jersey environment, pollution, epa, superfund

Editorial: Laud N.J. effort to put polluters in their place

SOUTH JERSEY TIMES - The old slogan about real estate value and "location, location, location" means that when choosing a home or retail business spot [go to article]
Matteo property Superfund site

EPA finalizes $72M cleanup plan for S. Jersey Superfund site. Sierra Club calls it...

FRANK KUMMER / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has finalized a $72 million cleanup plan for the Matteo & Sons Superfund [go to article]
Bound Brook flood, Hurricane Irene, new jersey

Floods are getting worse, and 2,500 chemical sites lie in the water’s path

HIROKO TABUCHI, NADJA POPOVICH, BLACKI MIGLIOZZI and ANDREW W. LEHREN – Anchored in flood-prone areas in every American state are more than 2,500 sites [go to article]
new jersey environment news, water quality

Advocates say PFAS bills would tighten federal control over chemicals

JON HURDLE / STATEIMPACT - Clean water advocates in Pennsylvania are welcoming proposed new federal legislation to curb the presence of toxic PFAS chemicals in drinking [go to article]
Incinerator in Chester, Pennsylvania

Incinerators in Camden, Chester among nation’s most polluting, report finds

CATALINA JARAMILLO / WHYY - Until very recently, Philadelphia burned its recyclable plastic at an incinerator in Chester, one of Pennsylvania’s poorest communities [go to article]
Plastic bag in tree

Another push for NJ ban on plastic bags and, maybe, paper bags too

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey is inching toward another run at banning single-use plastic bags, and paper bags may get caught up in the prohibition [go to article]

Federal, state officials tour Ringwood Mines Superfund site as cleanup plans take shape

DAVID M. ZIMMER / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Behind a chain-link fence and covered in secondary growth, the Superfund contamination zone hides in a former mining hotbed [go to article]

EPA quietly telling states they can pollute more

RENE MARSH, GREGORY WALLACE and ELLIE KAUFMAN / CNN - The Environmental Protection Agency has quietly signaled it may allow states to release [go to article]

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