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Connecting the dots between race and unsafe drinking water

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - If you live in a community of color, the drinking water provided to your home is more likely to come from systems with a history of repeated [go to article]
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NJ panel urges tighter chemical rule as EPA mulls national standard

JON HURDLE / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Scientists are recommending that New Jersey adopt the nation’s strictest limit on a toxic chemical that was once used for nonstick cookware [go to article]
plastic bag floats in ocean

Belmar gives businesses one year to ditch plastic bags for more eco-friendly options

CATHY GOETZ / TAPINTO.NET - Looking to keep plastic bags off its beaches and out of its waterways, Belmar is starting with the business community to help make that happen [go to article]
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NJ factories, refineries released 6 million pounds of toxic chemicals into air and water

SCOTT FALLON / NORTHJERSEY.COM - New Jersey factories and refineries released almost 6 million pounds of toxic chemicals into the air and water in 2017, according to [go to article]
Camden, New Jersey

Dirty companies have abused N.J.’s low-income communities for decades. The state wants justice.

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - State officials gathered in Camden on Thursday to announce new action aimed at getting justice for low-income and minority communities [go to article]
Plastic bags at Walmart

Opinion: Imposing small fee on plastic and paper bags will help NJ fight litter

SANDY HUBER / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The New Jersey Clean Communities Council (NJCCC) just released the results of a year-long visual litter study that shows [go to article]
Chocolate cake

PFAS control advocates highlight FDA data showing chemicals in food

JON HURDLE / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey campaigners for tighter curbs on toxic PFAS chemicals got a boost from new federal data showing the chemicals are present in foods [go to article]
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Camden, New Jersey, to receive $1 million to transform illegal dumping sites into art...

ARTFORUM - Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charitable organization of former New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, has awarded Camden, New Jersey, a $1 million grant [go to article]
Plastic bags at Walmart

Number of New Jersey towns banning plastic bags grows in 2019, more poised to...

JON TULEYA / PHILLY VOICE - Could 2019 be the beginning of the end for the plastic shopping bag in the Delaware Valley? They won't go completely extinct in the new year [go to article]
Superfund sign

60% of toxic Superfund sites threatened by climate change, GAO finds

PHIL MCKENNA / INSIDECLIMATE NEWS - Sixty percent of the nation's heavily polluted Superfund sites — nearly 950 of them — are at risk [go to article]

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