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Nitrogen Dioxide pollution along Northeast Corridor 2005

N.J. is warming at an alarming rate and it’s making our air harder to...

MICHAEL SOL WARREN, DISHA RAYCHAUDHURI and AYURELLA HORN-MULLER / NJ.COM and CLIMATE CENTRAL - Danielle Jenkins has spent her whole life struggling to breathe [go to article]
Drinking water

A busy time for the NJDEP – More PFAS action and NRD lawsuits

NATIONAL LAW REVIEW - On April 1, 2019, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) proposed drinking water standards for perfluorooctanoic acid [go to article]
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Statewide Litter Survey shows 53 percent drop in trash on New Jersey streets and...

ADAM SAMUEL / TAPINTO.NET - When the New Jersey Clean Communities Council (NJCCC) learned the findings of a comprehensive report showed litter along streets [go to article]
Plastic bags at Walmart

New York just agreed to ban plastic bags. Is New Jersey next?

SCOTT FALLON / NJ ENVIRONMENT NEWS - New Jersey's efforts to ban plastic bags, straws and foam food containers has remained in legislative limbo for six months [go to article]

Feds said fumes from NJ Superfund site weren’t harmful. A new report says otherwise.

SCOTT FALLON / NORTHJERSEY.COM - When Edgewater residents complained last year about noxious fumes coming from cleanup work at the Quanta Superfund site [go to article]

DuPont and Chemours sued by New Jersey over pollution in Pompton Lakes and other...

SCOTT FALLON and JAMES O'NEILL / NORTHJERSEY.COM - New Jersey sued chemical giant DuPont on Wednesday seeking financial damages for widespread pollution [go to article]
Drinking water

New Jersey is making companies pay for toxic contamination – shining a new light...

SHARON LERNER / THE INTERCEPT - New Jersey laid financial responsibility for dealing with PFAS contamination squarely at the feet of the chemical companies responsible [go to article]
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Chemours quantifies toxic PFAS substitute sent to South Jersey plant

JON HURDLE / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The chemical company Chemours shipped thousands of pounds of a toxic PFAS substitute to its Chambers Works site in South Jersey [go to article]
George Washington Bridge, Hudson River

Hudson river shows signs of rebound after decades as New York’s sewer

OLIVER MILMAN / THE GUARDIAN - New York’s Hudson river, once known as America’s Rhine in a nod to the famous European waterway, played a pivotal role [go to article]
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This chemical has been polluting N.J. for decades. Now, 5 companies have to pay...

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - Five chemical companies polluted New Jersey’s water for years with a long-lasting, cancer-causing family of chemicals [go to article]

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