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Coast & Ocean

Offshore oil drilling rig

Editorial: Offshore MidAtlantic deserves more durable protection from drilling

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - For more than three decades, the public has been presented with the recurring spectacle of the federal government proposing drilling for oil and gas [go to article]
superstorm sandy, coastal flooding, jersey shore

FEMA proposes to buy flooded homes and let owners rebuild

JOEL SCATA / NRDC - FEMA has proposed allowing owners of homes that have been repeatedly damaged by coastal storms and floods, and that were bought out by taxpayers [go to article]
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Trash once marred Jersey beaches, but today’s worry is climate change

DINO FLAMMIA / NJ 101.5 - Three miles of ocean beach closed. On the Jersey Shore, a summer to forget. Troubled times at the shore [go to article]
Malin Pinsky, Rutgers

Fish species forecast to migrate hundreds of miles northward as U.S. waters warm

BOB BERWYN / INSIDECLIMATE NEWS - Global warming will drive many of North America's fish species hundreds of miles northward, potentially costing coastal fishing communities [go to article]
jersey shore, new jersey environment

Does the Jersey Shore need a regional coastal commission?

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The idea of establishing a regional coastal commission to help the Jersey Shore adapt and plan to deal with climate change and rising sea levels [go to article]
Ocean City flooded by winter storm, jersey shore

New Jersey shore sees sea level change — and it can’t be denied

MICHELLE BRUNETTI POST / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - Four nor’easters hit New Jersey in March, disrupting everyday life, flooding coastal streets and forcing some island [go to article]
NOAA flood map, new jersey

Along the East Coast, rainy days, high tides and sea rise make floods a...

NIGEL CHIWAYA / NBC NEWS - Flooding is becoming a way of life along the Mid-Atlantic coast [go to article]
jersey shore dunes, new jersey environment

For Jersey Shore homeowners, hurricane and flood threats are worth the risk

ELLIE RUSHING / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER - When Hurricane Sandy’s floodwaters ravaged the first floor of Frank Cattie’s Ocean City, N.J., home, he assessed [go to article]
cigarette butt on beach

Smoking will be banned on South Jersey beaches this summer — except in this...

AMY S. ROSENBERG / PHILLY.COM - Here in Wildwood Crest, a family town whose wide beaches are framed by a jumble of new condos and old motels, you will still [go to article]
Oysters, NJ environment news

Oyster populations could be restored in New York, if only people would stop poaching...

H. CLAIRE BROWN / NEW FOOD ECONOMY - “Americans have a passion for oysters, which they eat at all hours, even in the streets,” wrote Moreau de St. Mery [go to article]

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