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Coast & Ocean

Cownose Ray

Cownose rays invade the Jersey Shore

DAN RADEL / APP.COM - Migrating kite-shaped cownose rays are here in full force. The wing-tipped sea creatures with a big snout have been spotted by beachgoers [go to article]
cigarette butt on beach

Gov. Phil Murphy signs NJ beach smoking ban with $250 fine

MIKE DAVIS / APP.COM - Say goodbye to cigarette butts in the sand! Gov. Phil Murphy on Friday signed into law a revision [go to article]
Delaware Bayshore, New Jersey

Surrendering to rising seas

JEN SCHWARTZ / SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN - Monique Coleman's basement was still wet with saltwater when the rallying began. Just days after Superstorm Sandy [go to article]
New York Harbor, Manhattan

Army Corps wants to build a massive 5-mile seawall to prevent against the next...

CASSIDY GROM and MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - More than five years after Hurricane Sandy slammed ashore in 2012, government agencies are still spit-balling new [go to article]
Humpback whale in Sany Hook Bay

Whale’s jaw had been entangled for months. Now the humpback is finally free.

ANTHONY G. ATTRINO / NJ.COM - The first reports of a humpback whale entangled in some type of line off Sandy Hook were made as early as last October [go to article]
NOAA flood map, new jersey

Opinion: It’s time to prepare for increased flooding due to sea level rise

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - Street flooding is not unusual in New Jersey’s coastal towns, especially during high tides [go to article]
New York Harbor, Manhattan

Army Corps proposes giant hurricane barrier across New York Bay

MATTHEW SCHUERMAN / WNYC - More than five years after Sandy, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is taking a closer look at one of the ideas [go to article]
Beach replenishment

Jersey Shore beaches: $1.2B replenishment means beaches at their fullest

RUSS ZIMMER and JEAN MIKLE / APP.COM - The Jersey Shore's beaches — treasured by locals and the reason why tourists spend billions of dollars here every summer [go to article]
Ocean City flooded by winter storm, jersey shore

Editorial: Rising seas will erode the Jersey shore real estate market

STAR-LEDGER - Here's something to ponder if you have just acquired a 30-year mortgage for a beachfront property in Lavallette, Long Beach, Little Egg Harbor or a few dozen [go to article]
Clinging jellyfish

Dangerous jellyfish now found in northern Barnegat Bay

JUSTIN AUCIELLO / WHYY - A dangerous invasive jellyfish continues to move south along internal Jersey Shore waterways [go to article]

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