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Makepeace Lake, Pinelands

Pinelands report details achievements, setbacks

PINELANDS PRESERVATION ALLIANCE - The year 2019 marked the 40th anniversary of the landmark Pinelands Protection Act and the establishment [go to article]
forest fire

As Australia burns, the same ingredients for disaster are found in N.J.

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM – Apocalyptic scenes from Australia — products of historic, sweeping wildfires in the country’s southern region — have gripped [go to article]
Makepeace Lake, Pinelands

Out of luck: Still no hearing for Gov’s nominees to Highlands and Pinelands agencies

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Gov. Phil Murphy’s bid to recast the focus of the state’s two most prominent planning agencies, the Pinelands Commission [go to article]
Cranberry Harvest, new jersey farming

How farmers in New Jersey’s Pinelands grapple with the environmental toll of Thanksgiving cranberries

STEPH YIN / WHYY - Whether sauce, jelly or fresh, cranberries have to be on the table for Thanksgiving. But the tradition comes [go to article]
Makepeace Lake, Pinelands

Pipelines and the Pinelands

COREY ROTHAUSER / THE WHIT ONLINE - In the immensely urbanized State of New Jersey, there are few intact ecosystems left [go to article]
Corn snake

Poachers and habitat loss are endangering these N.J. snakes. This professor works to keep...

AVALON ZOPPO / NJ.COM - Deep in the Pine Barrens, poachers can wander for hours at a time. Their eyes scan the forest floor for dull orange [go to article]
Pinelands trail

Teens planted 400 trees in Pinelands preserve. ATV riders ripped them apart days later,...

AVALON ZOPPO / NJ.COM - A group of teenagers spent hours in the Pinelands last Thursday planting hundreds of trees to help maintain habitat for endangered wildlife [go to article]
Bucks Cove Natue Preserve, Rancocas Conservancy

Rancocas Conservancy acquires 200-acre property in Pemberton Township

DAVID LEVINSKY / BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES - The nonprofit Rancocas Conservancy has purchased a former blueberry farm for preservation as a public nature preserve [go to article]
Pinelands forest forest 2019

The threat of a destructive wildfire in South Jersey is growing. Is enough being...

DISHA RAYCHAUDHURI and MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM and MAYA MILLER/ CLIMATE CENTRAL - On a Wednesday in mid-May, on the grounds of one of America’s most highly-rated golf course [go to article]
Governor Phil Murphy

Editorial: Murphy kept his promise to restore the Pinelands Commission

STAR-LEDGER - There is no more important environmental planning board in our state than the Pinelands Commission. Its 15 members are responsible for the stewardship [go to article]

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