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Grapes on the vine

Climate change could shrink more than half of all wine regions. What will it...

FRANK KUMMER / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER - Never heard of mourvedre? You might want to develop a taste for the rustic, full-bodied red wine because it could [go to article]
spotted lanternfly

Commentary: Lanternflies are spreading, but not on Christmas trees

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - Spotted lanternflies are invading from Pennsylvania into eight New Jersey [go to article]
farmer digs manure and soil, new jersey environment news

Green gardens sprouting from vacant lots. Urban farmers hope to grow city’s economy.

KAREN YI / NJ.COM - Tobias Fox watches a grey cat slink behind a raised garden bed. In a blink, the furry feline nearly pounces [go to article]
Cranberry Harvest, new jersey farming

How farmers in New Jersey’s Pinelands grapple with the environmental toll of Thanksgiving cranberries

STEPH YIN / WHYY - Whether sauce, jelly or fresh, cranberries have to be on the table for Thanksgiving. But the tradition comes [go to article]

An inside look at N.J.’s only commercial bison farm

CAROLINE FASSETT / NJ.COM - On a cool, blue-skied October morning, Erick and Kristen Doyle stood on the outside of a thin wired fence, on the other side [go to article]
Farmland in Kingwood, NJ

Climate change stresses New Jersey farmers

AMANDA OGLESBY / ASBURY PARK PRESS / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Grapes are delicate fruits — it doesn't take much to ruin a harvest [go to article]
Grapes, wine, new jersey

How will climate change alter agriculture? Winemakers are finding out

ERIC ASIMOV /NY TIMES - Wine, which is among the most sensitive and nuanced of agricultural products, demonstrates how climate change is transforming [go to article]
spotted lanternfly

Spotted lanternfly infestation poses existential threat to wineries, vineyards across Delaware Valley

CBS PHILADELPHIA 3 - Fears are growing in Pennsylvania about the spotted lanternfly, an invasive pest with no natural enemies [go to article]
food waste

NJ almost passed an eco-friendly food waste bill. Then Trenton happened

SCOTT FALLON / NORTHJERSEY.COM - New Jersey was on the verge this summer of mandating an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of half-eaten sandwiches [go to article]

How sustainability efforts are helping the state’s fishing industry

LEAH MISHKIN / NJTV NEWS - Pete Dolan is the captain of the Ms. Manya, a commercial scallop boat. He’s ready to set sail on a week-long trip [go to article]

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