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Friday, April 19, 2019


NJ joins other states to block Trump attack on Clean Water Act

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey is joining with 13 other states and the District of Columbia to oppose the rollback of a key provision of the Clean Water Act [go to article]
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Learn how changes to the Clean Water Act could hurt your region before it’s...

KAITLIN SULLIVAN / POPULAR SCIENCE - The Environmental Protection Agency has made moves to shrink national water protections for two years [go to article]
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Trump EO would stop states from using water quality to block pipelines

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - President Donald Trump issued an executive order this week to hinder states from blocking unwanted oil and natural-gas pipelines [go to article]
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Cheers – and some caution – for reclassification of NJ’s rivers and streams

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The state’s plan to upgrade hundreds of miles of New Jersey’s rivers and streams with new protections to preserve water quality [go to article]
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Newark, NJ, has a lead contamination problem in its water

ADAM WERNICK / LIVING ON EARTH - Hundreds of thousands of citizens may be at risk of lead exposure from their tap water in Newark, New Jersey [go to article/audio]
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The places across N.J. where too much lead has been found in the water

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - It’s a problem that doesn’t discriminate -- it’s been detected all across the state, in rural, suburban, and urban areas [go to article]
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Clean water projects: DEP agrees additional state funding needed

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Within the next few years, the state will run out of matching funds to obtain hundreds of millions in federal dollars for crucial clean water [go to article]

NJ’s lead water pipes a billion-dollar concern without a solution

MICHAEL SYMONS / NJ 101.5 - At a Thursday budget hearing at the Statehouse, a lot of concern though no ambitious solutions about how to deal with lead leaching [go to article]
George Washington Bridge, Hudson River

Hudson river shows signs of rebound after decades as New York’s sewer

OLIVER MILMAN / THE GUARDIAN - New York’s Hudson river, once known as America’s Rhine in a nod to the famous European waterway, played a pivotal role [go to article]
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Lead in NJ water: Suez to remove 50,000 feet of lead pipes this year...

SCOTT FALLON / NORTHJERSEY.COM - About 25 percent of the lead pipes in Bergen and Hudson counties will be replaced this year under a plan unveiled Thursday [go to article]

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