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prescription drugs

There are drugs in your water and no one knows how much

DINO FLAMMIA / NJ 101.5 - When you grab a glass of water from the kitchen sink, how much medicine — that's not yours — are you ingesting with each sip? [go to article]
Drinking water

A $300 test could save your family from toxic water, but realtors say it’ll...

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - New Jersey is on the verge of adopting a strict set of new rules to deal with a family of cancer-linked chemicals [go to article]

Pa., N.J., and Del. governors meet in Philadelphia, commit to health of Delaware River

FRANK KUMMER / PHILLY.COM - For the first time in two decades, the governors of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware gathered in one room to commit [go to article]

Cancer-linked chemicals are plaguing drinking water in N.J. Here’s one plan to make sure...

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - It’s a problem with a big price tag. Drinking water systems across New Jersey [go to article]
Drinking water

NJ home to 35 sites where two PFAS chemicals top new state limits

JON HURDLE / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Researchers have identified 35 New Jersey sites where drinking-water tests in recent years reveal contamination with two toxic PFAS [go to article]

A dam is gone, and the shad are back. After 100 years, the fish...

STEVE NOVAK / LEHIGHVALLEYLIVE.COM - It has been more than a century since shad were last seen swimming up the Paulins Kill, a 40-mile Delaware River tributary [go to article]
new jersey environment, water, stream, Frenchtown

Proposed N.J. DEP river and stream rules being analyzed by Hunterdon County

NJ.COM - Hunterdon County’s freeholders heard testimony at their April 16 meeting that new river and stream rules proposed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental [go to article]

NJ joins other states to block Trump attack on Clean Water Act

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey is joining with 13 other states and the District of Columbia to oppose the rollback of a key provision of the Clean Water Act [go to article]
water drop

Learn how changes to the Clean Water Act could hurt your region before it’s...

KAITLIN SULLIVAN / POPULAR SCIENCE - The Environmental Protection Agency has made moves to shrink national water protections for two years [go to article]
pipeline, energy, natural gas, new jersey

Trump EO would stop states from using water quality to block pipelines

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - President Donald Trump issued an executive order this week to hinder states from blocking unwanted oil and natural-gas pipelines [go to article]

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