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Lead crisis in Newark grows, as bottled water distribution is bungled

NICK CORASANITI, COREY KILGANNON and JOHN SCHWARTZ / NY TIMES - A growing crisis over lead contamination in drinking water gripped Newark [go to article]

Lead concerns spread to towns that share Newark’s water supply

BRENDA FLANAGAN / NJTV NEWS - Fears about water safety have spread beyond Newark, where federal officials have ordered the city to supply bottled water [go to article]
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Lead scare in New Jersey: Water bottles handed out as levels still high in...

DAVID PORTER / AP / USA TODAY - Residents began picking up bottled water on Monday, days after elevated lead levels were found in homes where city-issued filters [go to article]
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Keep your dogs safe: Toxic algae found in NJ lakes can kill canines

ALEXIS SHANES / NORTHJERSEY.COM - At least six dogs have died in recent weeks after swimming in lakes and ponds containing harmful blue-green algae [go to article]
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In echo of Flint lead crisis, Newark offers bottled water

EMMA G. FITZSIMMONS / NY TIMES - For more than a year, Newark officials denied the city had a widespread lead problem with its drinking water [go to article]
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Critics warn federal proposal could hinder states from protecting waterways

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The federal Environmental Protection Agency is moving to streamline a section of the Clean Water Act that states [go to article]

Algae bloom fouls N.J.’s largest lake, indicating broader crisis

ANNE BARNARD / NY TIMES - Around Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey’s largest lake, workers have been laid off, sailing lessons canceled and summers ruined [go to article]
Lake Hopatcong, NJ

DEP: Parts of Lake Hopatcong safe for swimming once again

NEWS 12 NJ - Parts of Lake Hopatcong are safe for swimming again after the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection issued a warning about a harmful algae bloom [go to article]

Delaware Basin report mostly upbeat but warns on climate change

JON HURDLE / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Water-quality indicators in the Delaware River basin are improving and some fish are making a comeback but runoff from paved areas [go to article]
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Flint doctor about Newark water: ‘There is no safe level of lead’

NEWS 12 NJ - A doctor from Flint, Michigan, who helped prove there were dangerous toxins in that water system, spoke to Newark residents Wednesday [go to article]

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