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Flying assassins are called in to combat aggressive gulls

NICK CORASANITI / NY TIMES - They are deft predators of the French fried potato, able to pluck a fresh wedge in the milliseconds it takes a single fry [go to article]

Warming waters could cause one whale of a problem for New Jersey, says Rutgers...

TAPINTO.NET - The number of humpback whale sightings in New York City and northern New Jersey has increased dramatically in recent years, by more than 500% [go to article]
Diamondback terrapin turtle

Wetland Institute protects, studies diamondback terrapins

MICHELE S. BYERS / N.J. CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - On a mid-July day, a diamondback terrapin tried to cross busy 2nd Avenue in downtown Stone Harbor [go to article]

In this Jersey Shore town, residents fight to preserve foxes and birds

CARLY WANNA / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER - Brigantine’s North End is an environmental treasure – and a wildlife battleground [go to article]
Piping plover chick

Piping plover chicks, but not adults, doing well in New Jersey

RICK MELLERUP / THE SANDPAPER.NET - A photo essay in the June 26 edition of The SandPaper showed a trio of healthy 12-day-old piping plover chicks in Barnegat Light [go to article]
piping plover

Editorial: Nothing natural about destruction of NJ beach nesting birds

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - The residents and officials of Stone Harbor are the latest shore community to grapple with conflicting feelings about wildlife [go to article]
Red knot

Editorial: South Jersey’s famous shorebird invasion worth restoring

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - Soon after the founding of the United States, the father of American ornithology, Alexander Wilson, was studying its birds in South Jersey [go to article]
Pickering morning glory

Saving rare Pickering’s morning glories

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - Anyone who’s planted “garden variety” morning glories knows how easily they grow. These showy annuals [go to article]
Coyote, nj environment news

Wildlife encounters likely to increase due to climate change and development, experts say

SVETLANA SHKOLNIKOVA / NORTHJERSEY.COM - A mother and son were attacked by a coyote in Fairfield. A soccer field was shut down by a nesting killdeer in Teaneck [go to article]
New Jersey Meadowlands

Will threatened birds alter plans for industrial development on Meadowlands landfills?

SCOTT FALLON / NORTHJERSEY.COM - The enormous landfills that dot the Meadowlands were once barren wastelands inhospitable to most wildlife [go to article]

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