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Cownose Ray

Cownose rays invade the Jersey Shore

DAN RADEL / APP.COM - Migrating kite-shaped cownose rays are here in full force. The wing-tipped sea creatures with a big snout have been spotted by beachgoers [go to article]
Diamondback terrapin turtle

Here’s how N.J.’s turtles fit in the multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - What's a turtle worth, anyway? On the black market, a single turtle of the right species can pull in hundreds or even thousands of dollars [go to article]
spotted lanternfly

New tree-destroying bug found in New Jersey

SCOTT FALLON / NORTHJERSEY.COM - A colorful bug that is a major threat to fruit and hardwood trees has been discovered in New Jersey, state officials said Tuesday [go to article]
Osprey chick

Delaware estuary’s ospreys recover as fish contaminants decline, report says

JON HURDLE and CATALINA JARAMILLO / STATEIMPACT PENNSYLVANIA - Ospreys are becoming a more familiar sight in the Delaware Estuary, thanks to a decline [go to article]
Bog turtle

Meet New Jersey’s official reptile, the bog turtle

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - In 1974, reptile researcher Robert Zappalorti captured a female bog turtle in a Sussex County swamp [go to article]
Diamondback terrapin turtle

Former Trentonian reporter indicted for smuggling protected turtles out of New Jersey

ISAAC AVILUCEA and PENNY RAY / THE TRENTONIAN - Former Trentonian reporter David Sommers has found himself caught up in the same type of oddball story [go to article]
Humpback whale in Sany Hook Bay

Whale’s jaw had been entangled for months. Now the humpback is finally free.

ANTHONY G. ATTRINO / NJ.COM - The first reports of a humpback whale entangled in some type of line off Sandy Hook were made as early as last October [go to article]
Columbia Lake, Knowlton, NJ

Big ‘ecological impact’ to follow removal of Warren County dam

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - A few week ago, hundreds of shad were spotted swimming in a small pool at the bottom of a 109-year-old hydropower dam [go to article]
Rare orchid, New Jersey

Rare, endangered orchid found in Sussex County forest

WILLIAM WESTHOVEN / NORTHJERSEY.COM - The Garden State is living up to its nickname as a "globally rare" orchid has been discovered in Stokes State Forest [go to article]
Red knots and Horseshoe crabs, Delaware Bay

Bird flu hot spot: Scientists track virus in huge migration

LAURAN NEERGAARD / AP / NJ HERALD - Huge flocks of famished birds scour the sands of Delaware Bay for the tiny greenish eggs an army of horseshoe crabs [go to article]

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