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Birders in Cape May, NJ

130 species, 187 miles and lots of energy drinks: Inside the World Series of...

VICTORIA BEKIEMPIS / THE GUARDIAN - A white SUV ground to a stop near a sliver of New Jersey marshland, tires snarling against the gravel and sand access road [go to article]

Video: Massive black bears brawl on front lawn of N.J. home

SOPHIE NIETO-MUNOZ / NJ.COM - Things got wild in the front yard of a New Jersey home last week when two huge black bears swatted [go to article]

Video: In search of 500-year-old trees

NEWS 12 NJ - News 12 New Jersey’s Brian Donohue went down to Bear Swamp, deep in Cumberland County, to look for a group of trees [go to video]
Osprey chick

Opinion: Osprey recovery successful, but we can still help them thrive

BEN WURST / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - As a field biologist who has studied ospreys and helped lead efforts to restore them in New Jersey for the past 15 years [go to article]

Baby bobcat was orphaned, on verge of death. Now, he has a second shot...

ROB JENNINGS and ANDRE MALOK / NJ.COM - An orphaned bobcat – who weighed under 5 pounds and was suffering from dehydration when he was rescued eight months ago [go to article]

A dam is gone, and the shad are back. After 100 years, the fish...

STEVE NOVAK / LEHIGHVALLEYLIVE.COM - It has been more than a century since shad were last seen swimming up the Paulins Kill, a 40-mile Delaware River tributary [go to article]
Saltmarsh Sparrow, Cape May

Endangered sparrows are facing extinction with future sea-level rise

CHRISSY SEXTON / EARTH.COM - A new study from the Oxford University Press is warning that some species of sparrows will vanish before the end of this century [go to article]
George Washington Bridge, Hudson River

Hudson river shows signs of rebound after decades as New York’s sewer

OLIVER MILMAN / THE GUARDIAN - New York’s Hudson river, once known as America’s Rhine in a nod to the famous European waterway, played a pivotal role [go to article]
black bear

NJ DEP doesn’t want you to know where the bears are

RICHARD COWEN / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Where are all the bears? You may want to know, but the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection [go to article]
Upland Sandpiper

Endangered birds may be evicted from Atlantic City airport

AVALON ZOPPO / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - For 15 years, two state-protected bird species have called Atlantic City International Airport home: the endangered [go to article]

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