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Clinging jellyfish

Dangerous jellyfish now found in northern Barnegat Bay

JUSTIN AUCIELLO / WHYY - A dangerous invasive jellyfish continues to move south along internal Jersey Shore waterways [go to article]
Saltmarsh Sparrow, Cape May

Endangered sparrows are facing extinction with future sea-level rise

CHRISSY SEXTON / EARTH.COM - A new study from the Oxford University Press is warning that some species of sparrows will vanish before the end of this century [go to article]
Bobwhite quail

This unique restoration project has been successful. Will the state expand it?

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, bobwhite quail are slowly returning to New Jersey. The birds, sometimes called a firebird [go to article]
black bear


TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - A state appeals court has denied a bid by three sporting groups to open state lands to next month’s scheduled black bear hunt [go to article]
Longhorn tick

New Jersey is dealing with a tick species that is new to America

BRUCE Y. LEE / FORBES - Looks like a bunch of New Jersey residents survived the winter. But that is not really good news [go to article]

Baby bobcat was orphaned, on verge of death. Now, he has a second shot...

ROB JENNINGS and ANDRE MALOK / NJ.COM - An orphaned bobcat – who weighed under 5 pounds and was suffering from dehydration when he was rescued eight months ago [go to article]
Ridley's sea turtle

Frozen sea turtle washes up on Long Beach Island

AVALON ZAPPO / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - A frozen sea turtle washed up on Long Beach Island earlier this month as temperatures dipped during a cold snap [go to article]
black bear

Opinion: For Jersey bears, a new sheriff in town

SUSAN E. RUSSELL / NORTHJERSEY.COM - The 25-pound bear cub whose small, gutted body lay near the hunters’ weigh station didn’t make it to the end [go to article]
Osprey chick

New Jersey saw record-setting number of ospreys in 2018

AVALON ZOPPO / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - Once severely endangered, the number of ospreys in New Jersey continues to increase [go to article]
black bear

Bear hunt ends with protest, calls for a ban

HANNAN ADELY / NORTHJERSEY.COM - New Jersey hunters killed 139 bears on private land during the six-day hunt that ended Saturday amid protests from animal activists [go to article]

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