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zebra mussel

Combating invasive mussels

NJ HERALD - The U.S. Department of Interior released a report last week highlighting the progress made in the fight against the invasive zebra and quagga mussels [go to article]
Osprey chick

Think before releasing balloons: Osprey tangled 35-feet up rescued at Shore

FRANK KUMMER / PHILLY.COM - Ben Wurst was at a meeting on Sedge Island, just off Island Beach Park on Barnegat Bay, on Tuesday when a coworker walked [go to article]
piping plover

Editorial: Protecting piping plovers helps keep NJ natural, wildlife diverse

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - The choice between foxes and plovers in North Brigantine is a difficult one to make from the heart [go to article]
bee swarm, new jersey environment

‘Insane’ discovery: 30,000 bees — and 40 pounds of honey — inside the walls...

LINDSEY BEVER / WASHINGTON POST - The honey bees had taken up residence inside the walls of the house [go to article]
Oysters, NJ environment news

NY/NJ Baykeeper’s oyster reef naturally reproduces baby oysters in Raritan Bay

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS HERALD - NY/NJ Baykeeper’s Restoration Program scientists discovered the natural growth of baby oysters [go to article]
black bear

Gov. Phil Murphy just banned bear hunts in New Jersey. Sort of.

NICK CORASANITI / NY TIMES - In the wilds of the Garden State, where black bears roam in resurgent numbers, a political trap lies waiting [go to article]
black bear

Banning bear hunting on New Jersey’s public lands may have little effect

PHIL GREGORY / WHYY - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s’ executive order that puts state-owned lands off limits for this year’s bear hunt got mixed reviews [go to article]
Osprey chick

Delaware estuary’s ospreys recover as fish contaminants decline, report says

JON HURDLE and CATALINA JARAMILLO / STATEIMPACT PENNSYLVANIA - Ospreys are becoming a more familiar sight in the Delaware Estuary, thanks to a decline [go to article]
Harbor Seal, Keyport

It’s seal season! Everything to know about these blubbery beasts’ N.J. vacation

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - Freezing water and colder winds keep most New Jerseyans away from the Shore during the winter months. After all, who wants [go to article]

3,000 birds and counting for ‘bluebird grandfather’

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJCF - Bluebirds have been a symbol of happiness for thousands of years and across many cultures. With their brilliant blue plumage and flash of red [go to article]

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