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Warming waters could cause one whale of a problem for New Jersey, says Rutgers...

TAPINTO.NET - The number of humpback whale sightings in New York City and northern New Jersey has increased dramatically in recent years, by more than 500% [go to article]
New Jersey Meadowlands

Will threatened birds alter plans for industrial development on Meadowlands landfills?

SCOTT FALLON / NORTHJERSEY.COM - The enormous landfills that dot the Meadowlands were once barren wastelands inhospitable to most wildlife [go to article]
Saltmarsh Sparrow, Cape May

Endangered sparrows are facing extinction with future sea-level rise

CHRISSY SEXTON / EARTH.COM - A new study from the Oxford University Press is warning that some species of sparrows will vanish before the end of this century [go to article]
Diamondback terrapin turtle

Former Trentonian reporter indicted for smuggling protected turtles out of New Jersey

ISAAC AVILUCEA and PENNY RAY / THE TRENTONIAN - Former Trentonian reporter David Sommers has found himself caught up in the same type of oddball story [go to article]
Bobwhite quail

Wild quail, nearly vanished in N.J., mount fragile comeback

FRANK KUMMER / PHILLY.COM - Wild northern bobwhite quail, once numerous in New Jersey, have been nearly wiped out over the decades, as their habitat [go to article]
black bear

Bear hunt ban on state-owned land doesn’t stop N.J. from selling 11K permits

ROB JENNINGS / NJ.COM - There could be just as many bear hunters in the woods as in 2017, and maybe more, even though state land this time is off-limits [go to article]
wild turkey

Wild turkeys are terrorizing the town of Tom’s River, New Jersey, by pecking at...

ASHLEY COLLMAN / INSIDER - A gang of 40-6o wild turkeys is running rampant in the New Jersey town of Tom's River, where residents say the birds have been attacking [go to article]
black bear

N.J. bear hunt nets 241 kills by Saturday night

MICHAEL IZZO and MATT KADOSH / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Hunters had killed 52 bears by 10:30 p.m. Saturday night, bringing the total number [go to article]
Piping plover chick

Piping plovers doing better in NJ, but southernmost pairs still struggling

MICHELLE BRUNETTI POST / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - More piping plover pairs nested in New Jersey this year — 114 compared with 98 last year — with an average [go to article]
Osprey chick

Delaware estuary’s ospreys recover as fish contaminants decline, report says

JON HURDLE and CATALINA JARAMILLO / STATEIMPACT PENNSYLVANIA - Ospreys are becoming a more familiar sight in the Delaware Estuary, thanks to a decline [go to article]

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