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Oysters, NJ environment news

Oyster populations could be restored in New York, if only people would stop poaching...

H. CLAIRE BROWN / NEW FOOD ECONOMY - “Americans have a passion for oysters, which they eat at all hours, even in the streets,” wrote Moreau de St. Mery [go to article]

Trapping foxes to save plovers sets off showdown at Jersey Shore

RICK ROJAS / NY TIMES - Red foxes can be found all over New Jersey, wandering out of the woods and poking though garbage at dusk in search of a meal [go to article]
Red Knot banding, New Jersey wildlife

Climate change is becoming a top threat to biodiversity

CHELSEA HARVEY / E&E NEWS / SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN - Climate change will be the fastest-growing cause of species loss in the Americas by midcentury [go to article]
new jersey environment, delaware river

What you should know before eating fish from the Delaware

BILL GALLO / NJ.COM - You can eat even more of those fish you've caught in the Delaware River and Delaware Bay, state officials said Tuesday [go to article]  
Bobcat kitten

Bobcat kittens! PSE&G workers make furry discovery

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - It was an adorable, furry surprise. And it forced a PSE&G-contracted tree-trimming crew working in Morris County during [go to article]
black bear

The N.J. bear hunt begins with bows, arrows and a protest

ROB JENNINGS / NJ.COM - N.J.'s annual bear hunt is underway in northern New Jersey, one year after a record [go to article]
Longhorn tick

N.J. scientists hope they stopped a tick invasion. But Spring will tell.

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - It was an unusual sight. Last August, a woman walked into the Hunterdon County health office with thousands of ticks clinging to her clothing [go to article]
piping plover

Editorial: Protecting piping plovers helps keep NJ natural, wildlife diverse

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - The choice between foxes and plovers in North Brigantine is a difficult one to make from the heart [go to article]
Coyote, nj environment news

Groups of coyotes worry residents, but experts say they are not a likely a...

JAMES M. O'NEILL and SARAH NOLAN / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Residents of Saddle River have been forced to share their borough in recent months [go to article]
zebra mussel

Combating invasive mussels

NJ HERALD - The U.S. Department of Interior released a report last week highlighting the progress made in the fight against the invasive zebra and quagga mussels [go to article]

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