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Climate Change

climate change, UN

What you need to know about the latest U.N. climate change report

CAROL PETERS / RUTGERS TODAY - The United Nations scientific panel on climate change recently released a major report that examined the benefits [go to article]
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Climate change, not overfishing, is devastating shellfish environments

AP / NBC NEWS - Valuable species of shellfish have become harder to find on the East Coast because of degraded habitats caused by a warming environment [go to article]

Natural climate solutions could cancel out a fifth of U.S. emissions, study finds

GEORGINA GUSTIN / INSIDECLIMATE NEWS - Conserving and restoring American forest, farm and natural lands could cut a substantial chunk [go to article]
Ocean City flooded by winter storm, jersey shore

Despite Sandy, building in risky flood zones continues unabated

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Superstorm Sandy wiped out thousands of homes at the Jersey Shore, but the increasing threat of devastating coastal storms [go to article]
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Climate change and the elections: Five takeaways

BRAD PLUMER and LISA FRIEDMAN / NY TIMES - The results of Tuesday’s elections could have a significant influence on how the United States deals with global warming [go to article]
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Voters rejected most ballot measures aimed at curbing climate change

BRADY DENNIS and DINO GRANDONI / WASHINGTON POST - In Arizona, voters said no to accelerating the shift to renewable energy. In Colorado, they said no to an effort [go to article]
Mantoloking Sandy damage

FEMA flood maps ignore climate change, and homeowners are paying the price

JAMES BRUGGERS / INSIDECLIMATE NEWS - The official map laid it out for more than 200 homes within the community of Mexico Beach, Florida: the federal [go to article]
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Startling new research finds large buildup of heat in the oceans, suggesting a faster...

WASHINGTON POST / CHRIS MOONEY and BRADY DENNIS - The world’s oceans have been soaking up far more excess heat in recent decades than scientists [go to articles]

Where Americans (mostly) agree on climate change policies, in five maps

NADJA POPOVICH / NY TIMES - Americans are politically divided over climate change, but there’s broader consensus around some of the solutions [go to article]
Ocean City flooded by winter storm, jersey shore

Cities threatened by climate risk still getting AAA bond ratings

CHRISTOPHER FLAVELLE / BLOOMBERG - Last fall, after a trio of deadly hurricanes, ratings companies warned vulnerable coastal cities to get ready for climate change [go to article]

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